Homepage Testimonials

Ed & Andrea C.

Ed & Andrea C. 150 150 Chase Jennings

5 Stars

“Rob was incredibly patient and helpful in assisting us throughout the entire process. He addressed all of our concerns with incredible responsiveness. Rob has performed beyond our expectations and we will recommend him to friends and relatives without reservation.”

Karla C.

Karla C. 150 150 Chase Jennings

5 Stars

“We intended to use DSTs for excess 1031 balances but as a result of Rob Pecha’s great service and advice we ended up placing the majority of our 1031 proceeds through him. Rob was patient, diligent and highly professional. He even followed up and helped us with issues that were beyond the scope of his duties. Now that we’ve been introduced to DSTs we plan to make further purchases in the future and look forward to placing them through Rob.”

Patrick F.

Patrick F. 150 150 Chase Jennings

5 Stars

“I really appreciated Rob’s approach as we navigated a first-time 1031 exchange. He took the time to understand our goals, and presented us with options that matched our desired outcomes. He was patient, helpful, informative, and never pushy. We’d absolutely recommend him to anyone looking to make a 1031 exchange. Thanks, Rob!”

Nick P.

Nick P. 150 150 Chase Jennings

5 Stars

“1031 Rob came highly recommended by a good friend and recently assisted me with a 1031 transaction. I was pleasantly surprised by his diligence, professionalism and honest approach. With his help I was able to home in on just the right investment. I enthusiastically recommend 1031 Rob to anyone undertaking a 1031.”

Brian B.

Brian B. 150 150 Chase Jennings

5 Stars

“I talked to a lot of advisors before performing my first 1031 exchange, and ultimately opted to work with Rob Pecha. They all sell nominally the same products, but “1031 Rob” took the time to answer all of my questions thoroughly and got me every piece of data I requested. He stayed in constant communication with me, our transfer agent, and our attorney throughout the process to ensure that everything went smoothly.”

Tzvi W.

Tzvi W. 150 150 Chase Jennings

5 Stars

“My client used Rob’s DST plan for a Section 1031 exchange and we couldn’t ask for a better or simpler outcome/process. The transaction involved complex tax planning but Rob made the process seamless and pain-free. Rob put together a portfolio of Section 1031 replacement properties that fit my client’s financial and tax needs like a glove. I would use Rob again and highly recommend him.”

Charles N.

Charles N. 150 150 Chase Jennings

5 Stars

“Even though a DST was only our backup plan, and our intention was to purchase a property in NYC, Rob was always the one I could count on to get everyone together, and get a straightforward and definitive answer to a question, and make sure I was aware of the looming deadlines. He was my wing-man, and went above and beyond every single time. 100% reliable, trustworthy, five stars, 10 out of 10.”